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How do I set up my Anipartna profile?

Set up your Anipartna account by clicking on the “Get Started” button. Provide the required information and you are all set.

How do I verify my Anipartna account

To request for account verification, go to your dashboard and upload the documents listed. Please note that verification may require a fee.

Can I have both a business profile and an investor profile?

Yes, you can. Having a business profile or project profile does not restrict you from becoming an investor

Do I need a CAC certificate to create a business profile?

Yes, it is a required document to perform due diligence and verify your business profile.

How do I know my investment is yielding profits?

You will get periodic and up-to-date financial reports on the business or projects you have invested in. These reports will be displayed on your dashboard.

Can I sell my company on Anipartna?

Yes, you can. Simple upload details of the business and the system will match you with possible buyers

How secure is my money?

All payments come to ANIPARTNA via bank deposit/transfer. As long as payment is made to an account number bearing ANPARTNA, your funds are secure. Dividend payments are made to partner accounts automatically through secure payment gateways. The account info Partners add are verified with two factor authentication.

Will I pay for valuation and auditing services?

Yes, the system will charge a small service fee for auditing and valuation. The fee amount will vary depending on the geographical location and nature of the business. However, for the first year, it is totally free for Partners.

How do I delete my Anipartna account?

Due to the need for documentation of business processes, you may not be able to delete your account on Anipartna. However, you are at liberty yo deactivate your account. This will remove all your information from public view and basically keep you in a non-existing state. To deactivate your account on ANIPARTNA, select the deactivate button in account settings section. Note that this process is not immediate, it takes effect in 3days, giving you room to change your mind. To reactivate your account, you may need to contact support.


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